Voron Kits Assisted Build Program



Are you struggling with building or getting your Voron up and printing and not finding all the answers you need from online communities?

We are here to help with the VoronKits.com Assisted Build Program.

The assisted build program provides you with a real time build expert ready to help you get your build completed and get you up and printing fast.

How It Works:

  1. You purchase a block of hours of Assisted Build Program services.
  2. Our build expert will reach out to you to schedule a time for a 2 way video conference to help you with your specific issues. During this initial free call they will collect information on how they can assist you with your build needs so they can create a winning build strategy to assist you in your build.
  3. You have a 2 way Assisted Build Video Session with your expert at the scheduled time and walk step by step through your build issues and questions.
  4. You get your build done with the help of our expert.


What Topics Can I Cover With My Expert?

We tailer make the session specific to your needs but here are some of the most popular topics we cover with our clients.

  • Frame Assembly.
  • Gantry Construction, Belts Installations, and proper fit & tensioning.
  • Wiring and electrical.
  • Software configuration and setup of your printer configuration file.
  • How to setup a touch screen.
  • Voron Belt Printer Kit installation and configuration.
  • Advanced configuration and tuning help.
  • Trouble Shooting.