Voron Belt Print Bed System For Voron 2.4 3D Printers


With this complete kit of parts you can easily transform your Voron 2.4 printer with a build volume of 350mm(x) X 350mm(y), into a fully operative belt 3d printer.

You can achieve effortless continuous printing of multiple parts. It also works with Mainsail's queue system for continuous printing. 

This belt system is specifically designed for the Voron 2.4 R1/R2 3D printer with a build volume of 350x350x350mm only

This kit includes additional frame parts, plates, timing belts, pulleys, shafts, nuts, wires and belt system parts necessary for transform into a belt 3d printer.

This kit also includes transparent hanging flap curtains to retain heat and reduce drafts for printing with ABS, ASA, or higher temperature filaments filaments

This belt kit uses almost all stock parts from original Voron 2.4 R1/R2 model, including heating bed, electronics box, extruder, wheels and frame parts.

This Kit includes instructions for hardware and Klipper firmware modifications.

NOTE 1: This is an upgrade kit for your existing 3d printer, it does not include a 3d printer.

NOTE 2: This belt system prints with the nozzle at a 90° angle and was designed for batch part & small scale continues 3d printing manufacturing. You do not need a special slicer for a belt printer as you are basically filling the print build surface with parts and the belt clears them off automatically after the print completes and starts the next part or tray of parts sequentially.