Voron 2.4 R2 Kit With V6 Hotend

$899.00 $939.00

Print faster, better, and more reliably with the Voron 2.4r2. With its great looks and legendary build quality and dependability the Voron 2.4 series of 3d printers will only leave you wanting to buy more filament or more Voron 2.4 printers.

Model Number Voron 2.4r2                                            
Max. Print Size  300x300x300mm or 350x350x350mm 
Layer Height 0.05~0.3mm
Nozzle Temp. 300℃
Bed Temp. 110℃
Nozzle Diameter 0.4mm
Filament Diameter 1.75mm
Max. Print Speed 250mm/s
Max. Travel Speed 300mm/s
Power Supply 200W

 Important Notices! Please Read The Bulleted Items Below Before Placing Your Order.

  • Due To Microchip Shortages, We Are Not Including Raspberry Pis With Our Kits At This Time.
  • Shipping Lead Times Are Currently 1-3 Weeks due to global supply chain issues.
  • This kit Does Not include 3d printed parts! This kit only includes the mechanical parts listed in the (BOM) Bill Of Materials below. You will need 3d printed parts to complete the build of this kit. You can purchase the necessary 3d printed parts to complete your build here Voron 3d Printed Parts

 About Our Voron Kits

All Voron kits provided by VoronKits.com are sourced from top quality manufacturers to include Gates Belts, Moon’s Motors, Big Tree Tech Electronics, Meanwell Power Supplies, & Misumi Extrusion just to name a few.

Our Voron Kits are considered (A BOM IN A BOX) meaning we source the parts recommended from the Voron Designs BOM "Bill Of Materials" and deliver the parts all in one box saving you time and expense of sourcing all the parts from separate retailers.

You will need to follow the assembly instructions provided on Voron Design's Website/Github and we recommend joining the official Voron Designs Discord to become a member of the Voron Community and to have access to additional support, updates, and information from the Voron Community.

We do not offer build assistance for Voron Kits as they are part of an open source community project and we are just supplying the components in a convenient easy to get package.

We strive to provide the best kits in the market and make sure all of our kits have gone through rigorous quality assurance processes.


    Download The BOM (Bill Of Materials)