V2.4 3D Printer SB Stealthburner Toolhead Extruder Hotend PCB Board CW2 Adapter Board Cable Management for VORON2.4 V2.4 3D Printer.


  • 【SB Adaptation】:Adapted to Voron Stealthburner toolhead extruder PCB. the Voron SB Toolhead PCB is the latest version available for the NEW StealthBurner Extruder and CW2,it makes wiring the extruder toolhead easier and more serviceable for maintenance.
  • 【Easy to Use】:Completely welded and ready to use! Micro-fit type connector for heater and thermistor (direct compatibility with Revo and Rapido) support for the new RGBW LEDs support for the ERCF filament sensor support for a plug-in external chamber themistor input for the new 5015 blower parts cooling fan input for the 4010 extruder fan.
  • 【Specification】:Molex microfit are 3.0mm crimp terminals and Jst-ph are 2.0mm crimp terminals.
  • 【Installation Instructions】:Connect the PCB to the motherboard according to the instructions in the details page.
  • 【Product list】: Stealthburner_Toolhead_PCB*1