NOTICE: This kit does not include polycarbonate or Lexan panels it is the hardware kit only if you wish to have a complete enclosure you must purchase the Enclosure and the Panels Kit.

WARNING: This product is an upgrade for the V-Core 3.1. It can also be used with the V-Core 3.0 but will require a minor adaptation (details will be available soon).

The V-Core 3 was designed from the ground up with full enclosing in mind, with no need for an external enclosure.

The design ensures that all motors and electronics are safely placed outside the printing chamber, so they are shielded from high temperatures, and no machine elements protrude from the frame, ensuring that the frame can be directly covered with panels from all sides.

The enclosure kit is the perfect solution for users who want to:

- Use filaments that require high temperatures


- Shield their printer from humidity, dust, drafts, etc


- Shield their environment from printer noises and smells