Mosquito® Magnum Hotend


    • The Mosquito® Magnum prints upwards of 30 mm^3/sec

    • A thermal insulator protects the extended melt zone from the effects of active cooling and radiative heat loss. It has a heat transmission rate as low as 3 W/m*K, meaning you can have ultimate confidence in the speed of your print, while at the same time maintaining the high resolution benefits achieved with the standard Mosquito® Hotend

    • The melt zone is extended proximally upwards to maintain a small form factor

    • Compatible with Rep Rap style nozzles which are characterized by their M6 x 1.0 threads, 7 mm threaded length, and 12.5 mm overall length

    • A multi extrusion setup with both high flow and high resolution optimized designs can be created without needing to purchase new nozzles or make carriage modifications to accommodate hotends of different sizes

    Kit Includes:

    • Mosquito® Magnum Hotend*

    • Mosquito® Magnum Mounting Hardware

    • Set of Mosquito® Magnum hex keys for assembly, disassembly, and mounting

    *Fan, Heater Cartridge, Nozzle, & Temperature Sensor sold separately