Mellow 1Pcs CNC Voron 2.4 & Trident Lightweight Carbon Fiber Square Tube For Both MGN9 & MGN12 Rails




The size of the carbon tube is provided by Woki-Leo, you need to print the special installation parts for cf before installing the cf tube. For more information you can check this URL:
This is a custom Vonron 2.4 X-axis CF tube, drilled with high precision cnc, accurate size, perfect for Vonron 2.4 3D printer. High-quality CF pipe is rigid and lightweight. It helps the Vonron 2.4 3D printer print faster while ensuring high quality.
Removing lots of unnecessary weight to make the Printer go faster with better Quality
for a V2.4 350mm it drops the gantry weight from ~1350g to ~950g
70g saved by removing the x drag chain
150g saved by using the carbon tube
the rest is saved through the pinmod and other improvements
Look good
be usable for both MGN9 and MGN12
We will measure the straightness of each carbon tube horizontally to ensure that it is within the tolerance range of 0.15mm. The size of the carbon tube is within the range of 20.2-20.8mm. We only guarantee the straightness. If you have any doubts, you can contact us before purchasing.

Vonron 2.4 250/300/350

1*Voron 2.4 X-axis CF tube