FYSETC Voron Tap Kit for Voron 2 & Voron Trident 3d Printers


This product is unavailable

We have been notified by the Voron Design Team of a critical issue with the 24 volt board that is contained with this kit. We have suspended sells of this kit to allow time for further investigation by the Voron Design Teams Engineers. 

If you have purchased one of these recently please check your email for a message from us and please stop using this device immediately as it posses a safety hazard!

We will continue to update you our customers as more data becomes available.  We will also provide a solution once one becomes available.

For more information about the issue please visit the Voron Designs Github:


Thank You! 



Tap is a nozzle-based z-probe for the V2 and Trident printer designs. The entire toolhead moves to trigger an optical switch.

Tap offers many advantages over other z-probes; Here are a few examples:


A well constructed Tap, when in service on a well-constructed printer, will be able to measure your Z position reliably with a precision of 0.4 µm

(0.0004 mm). This precision will help you better use and maintain your printer.


Tap can measure any securely mounted build surface. Print on Glass, Garolite, Alumina, Moon dust…it no longer matters. Textured plates are ideal for

Tap, but adhesive PEI sheets may also be used. Tap is unaffected by beds with magnetic fluctuations (note: magnets may affect the build surface Tap

is sensing, such as pulling the plate tighter over the magnet). Once Tap is setup, you should not need to recalibrate after changing nozzles or build



Tap uses light to detect movement and will never wear out. The sensor in Tap is rated to operate at 70C to 100C and will not degrade over time the

way a contact switch or inductive probe can. Even if you brought your chamber temperature to 100C, it will accurately and reliably record your printer

melting (assuming you printed in ABS).We tested dozens of printers and thousands of print hours. Hundreds of PIF quality kits were printed using

Tap. Some test printers had over 1,000,000 probe cycles to test durability.


For consistent probing temperatures, Tap uses a single ‘activate_gcode’ macro in the [probe] config. Tap is always ready to probe and requires no

docking or undocking moves.


There is no need for a separate Z endstop. Once the offset is configured, it will hold without appreciable drift. It is normal to need slightly different

offsets when switching between filament types.


1* 50 mm MGN9 rail

1* MGN 9H Carriage

2* 6 mm x 3mm magnet

1*1 Heat-set inserts

1*M3 Hex nut

6*M3 Washers

2* M3 x 20 SHCS

2*M3 x 16 SHCS

1*M3 x 12 SHCS

3*M3 x 8 SHCS

1*M3 x 6 SHCS

2*M3 x 6 FHCS

2*M3 x 10 BHCS

10*M3 x 6 BHCS

1* v2OptoTap PCB

1*OPB Sensor