EinScan Pro HD


The EinScan Pro HD is the best all-around scanner -- with brighter lights than the previous version, it works well for darker and reflective parts -- excelling at large scans, like car bumpers, it also is the best scanner for small parts, due to the automated turntable workflow.

Key Features:
  • Handheld Structured Light 3D Scanner
  • Designed for all types and sizes of objects
  • Automated TurnTable = fast workflows of small parts
  • Full color available with the Color Pack
  • Extremely high-resolution - down to 0.2mm point distance

Multiple Scan Options

Scan parts on the automated turntable, or use fixed scans using the tripod -- or, go hands-free and use the handheld scan mode on anything!

Powerful Software

Includes EXSCAN PRO HD scanning software, which features a new and improved user interface and workflow, and Solid Edge SHINING 3D Edition CAD software, a design tool from SIEMENS PLM Software that allows reverse engineering and design from scan data with the ability to export to Solidworks or other CAD programs.

High Accuracy & Resolution

0.045mm Accuracy -- with 0.24mm point distance. This is one of the best scanners for high-resolution scans, capturing great detail, whether you're reverse engineering or saving artifacts!

Scan Small to Large

Designed with Automotive in mind, the Pro HD works great for LARGE scans, but also can include the automated turntable to make scanning lots of small parts a breeze.

High Speed 3D Scanning

New algorithms have improved the scanning speed of the Pro HD over previous models, and you get real-time feedback of the scan data in the included software package.

Endless Applications

Use the EinScan Pro HD for high-quality reverse engineering, manufacturing, 3D modeling, customized products, scanning industrial parts, sculptures, artifacts, human bodies, healthcare, research, education, virtual displays, and more.