Clearview Infinity Enclosure For The Voron 2.4 R2

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Clearview Infinity Enclosure For The Voron 2.4 R2 - 250 is backordered and will ship as soon as it is back in stock.

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We have partnered and collaborated with Clearview Plastics in Rocklin California to bring some very cool and innovative products to the Voron Community. We are proud to introduce the all new Clearview Infinity Enclosure 1.0.

The Clearview Infinity mod for the Voron 2.4r2 is an upgraded enclosure system that offers both better performance with a commercial grade design aesthetic. The name "Clearview Infinity" correlates to the visual aesthetic of the transparent panels. 1/4" HD polycarbonate panels and oversized hardware are designed to take give this a commercial  grade fit and finish.  More so, the added function that this enclosure set adds is better heat retention for advanced printing, reduced noise while printing, and a strong sturdy enclosure that feels like a professional piece of lab equipment. All due respect to the Voron team for making an amazing printer, but we thought the enclosure portion needed some help.

 1/4" Polycarbonate Panels - Our premium commercial grade panels are super durable and have a UV protective coating to resist fading and haze over time. These thicker panels will get you better heat retention and a finish that fits the performance level of Voron series. 

✅ Full sized front door - This gives you a full, unobstructed view of your work surface without the unsightly seam of the original dual door design. Additionally, our panels are CNC cut for a butter smooth edge that adds a professional fit and finish to your Voron.

 Exhaust delete - Most users are printing with advanced materials like ABS or better. The BOM exhaust often remains unused and and in the way so we removed this and added in a low profile grommet to pass through your bowden tube and any other wires for mods that you are running.

Faq and other information:

  1. The Clearview Infinity includes panels, printed parts, and hardware for performing this upgrade. This kit replaces the top, rear, sides, and front panel. (You'll use your existing base panels) The oversized flanged hardware offers a better air seal along the framing and is easy to attach using drop in T slot nuts.
  2. Installing this mod is a easy bolt on process and requires no hard modding or fabrication. Just bolt it on and you are up and printing. Do keep in mind that it might be a good time to check for loose fitting and lube up critical parts since you'll have your printer open at this time.
  3. Those looking to reduce fumes from filaments like ABS should look into the nevermore filter. 
  4. LOOKOUT!! Our panels are better! Stock panels are blade cut panels, so your edge finish is sub par. Our panels are CNC cut and come with a professional look and finish. CNC cut panels, crafted in the USA. Other listings are saw cut panels which leave blade marks so your panels won't look as good. Ours are professionally cut for the best look.

What is included (BOM)

  • 5 Polycarbonate panels (5.5mm or 6mm) (Front, sides, rear, and top)
  • 52 m5 x10mm flanged screws
  • 52 m5 half round extrusion nuts
  • 16 m4 x10mm flanged screws
  • 12 m4 Rivet nuts
  • 4 5mm x 10mmx 5mm magnets
  • 1 - 256mm pull handle 
  • 1 press fit bowden holder
  • 1/4" wide weather seal

Printed parts

  • 3 - 270 degree hinges
  • 2 - Magnetic brackets
  • 1 - combination rubber grommet