BTT SFS V1.0 Smart Filament Sensor Detection

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  • Premium Material: Made of more durable materials, BTT SFS smart filament sensor has a longer service life. This filament runout sensor effectively reduces friction between components, and is more responsive.
  • Ideal for Filament Detection: When BTT filament runout/ break sensor detects filament runout, and break in filament, it will automatically stops printing, so as to remind you of loading filament, and prevent jammed filament or clogged nozzles.
  • Wide Application: Featured with detection interface, SFS Smart Filament Sensor is compatible with various control boards such as, SKR MINI E3, SKR E3 DIP, SKR V1.3, MKS GEN L, and MKS GEN V1.4.
  • Fits Various Screens: BTT filament break sensor can be directly connected to the screens 2004, 12864, TFT 24 (12864 mode), and TFT 35 V3.0(12864 mode).