All of our kits come with only the highest quality components from quality name brands such as

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Things You Should Know When Shopping For Voron Kits Online!

Fact #1. There is no such thing as an Official Voron Kit endorsed by Voron Designs. Voron Designs does NOT make/manufacture, endorse, or sell any kind of build kit for their designs.

Fact #2. Most Voron Retailers source from the same or similar manufacturers for the hardware, electronics, extrusion, & other components and most of the manufacturing is based out of China.

China is the country of origin for a majority of the parts in Voron Kits from all retailers.

Fact #3. Most sourced Voron Kits are based on the (BOM) Bill Of Materials published Open Source by Voron Designs on their website, so kits vary a little bit here and there but are very similar.

Fact #4. We can not speak for all manufacturers & retailers of Voron Kits and Voron Parts when it comes to quality control because we are not selling their kits.

We can however tell you that we take quality control very seriously and have stringent specifications and guidelines between our company and our manufacturers and our suppliers.

We expect to deliver a quality working product every time.

We back all of the products in our kits for 30 days from the date of delivery with our replacement policy if your product arrives damaged or non functional.

Fact #5. We carry only well recognized, trusted, and respected name brand hotends because we believe in supporting the companies that have always provided us with the best quality and customer service. 

We have tried them, and these are the hotends we liked the best due to performance, warranties, and support after the sale.

Fact #6. The global supply chain issues are real! All kit retailers are struggling with supply chain issues "Hello No Raspberry Pis” “Hello Shipments By Sea Are Taking Forever” but I feel everyone is doing their best to handle the issues they are handed and everyone is trying to get their kits out as soon as possible.

Fact #7. Building a Voron is not just about assembling a kit out of one or our boxes or anyone else's boxes, it is about you building “Your Voron”. All of our Vorons on our farm are all special creations and they all are a little different in their own way because of changes we have made overtime. Mods, customization, creativity, and changing things as you grow and learn is what makes “Your Voron”.

Fact #8. We are not associated with Voron Design or 

We are an independent retailer and are selling Pre Sourced Voron Kits and Parts in accordance with Voron's Open Source GNU General Public License.

All of our kits are sourced based on Voron Design’s BOM Sheets and all printed parts we print are printed using their publicly provided 3d printing files and recommended print settings.

Our website name and URL informs and communicates what we sell “Voron Kits”

Fact #8. We hope you choose to do business with us and help us support our family and our employees and their families. We are a Colorado based family owned and operated business that wants to provide you with the best products and services possible. We wish you the best in "Your Voron'' build journey.