Voron Stealthburner Printed Parts For Clockwork 2

$49.99 $55.00

 All Printed Parts Are Printed To Order So They May Take A Little Time To Ship, You Can Expect 1-2 Week Print Times On This Printed Parts Kit,

This Printed Parts Contains Only The Printed Parts For The Voron Designs Stealthburner With The Clockwork 2. This Kit Does NOT Contain Mechanical Or Electrical Parts.

 This Kit Contains The Following Printed Parts:

  • [a]_guidler_a.stl
  • [a]_guidler_b.stl
  • [a]_latch.stl
  • [a]_latch_shuttle.stl
  • [a]_pcb_spacer.stl
  • cable_door.stl
  • cable_door_for_pcb.stl
  • chain_anchor_2hole.stl
  • chain_anchor_2hole_SW.stl
  • chain_anchor_3hole.stl
  • chain_anchor_3hole_SW.stl
  • main_body.stl
  • motor_plate.stl
  • [a]_stealthburner_main_body.stl
  • [c]_stealthburner_LED_diffuser.stl
  • [o]_stealthburner_LED_carrier.stl
  • [o]_stealthburner_LED_diffuser_mask.stl
  • (Selected) Printhead Brackets


All parts are printed in high quality ABS or ASA on Voron 2.4 Printers