The wiring is incorrect on the wiring guide and will cause serious damage!
The included wiring for ports Diag7 (PG15) and Probe (PB7) contains errors which will destroy your electronics. Before powering on your 2.4 "Pro" kit, please review the information below

The Problem
1. The cable labelled Board-PG15 to PCB-ABL contains a wire which connects 24V (Breakout board) to 3.3V or 5V (Octopus). As soon as this is powered, it will cause damage to the Octopus, and likely any pi that is connected as well.
2. The unlabeled wire (single blue wire), and the cable from part 1 are swapped.

The Solution
1. Remove the red wire from the Board-PG15 cable entirely. It is not required. Please make sure to remove it entirely at both ends, or at least tape it off so it isn't wandering around loose in your electronics bay
2. Swap the Black cable, and the blue cable at the octopus.

A lot of people are asking "do I really need to remove the red wire".

Here is the logic behind that recommendation, so you may make your own, informed decisions.

1. The red wire serves no useful purpose. 24v power is provided to the breakout board from different source (the he0 port)

2. The red wire plugged into the endstop port will destroy things.

3. The red wire will not actually destroy things plugged into the probe port, as long as the probe port power jumper is set to 24v

4. The red wire in the probe port will destroy things if the probe power jumper is set to 5v or 12v

Based on these points, I believe it is best practice to remove the wire, to avoid potential problems. For example, imagine a couple of years from now, you want to try out lower voltage probe. It would be perfectly reasonable to try to move the jumper, leading to a nasty surprise.


January 19, 2024 — James Fambrough